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Water Safety

As a home to powerboats, paddlers, swimmers, fishing enthusiasts and more, Oswego Lake can be quite busy at times. Ensuring the safety of all lake users is a serious responsibility.

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Our Proactive Approach to Water Safety

Over the years our safety program has evolved into an educational, training and enforcement program designed to allow each of these recreational activities to flourish in the safest way possible for all concerned. We have developed Oswego Lake specific rules and a one-of-a-kind practical driving exam for powerboat operator’s licenses. Please take advantage of the resources on this page. Or, better yet, ask one of our friendly Lake Patrolmen any questions you might have.

Safety Tip

Boat stereo systems are for the occupants of the boat, not riders or the rest of the lake.
Sound travels over water, especially on calm nights.

Safety Videos

How to Safely Pick Up Your Rider

This short safety video details proper techniques for picking up your downed rider.


How to Safely Tow Tubers

Please watch this video for how to safely pull a tube behind your boat.


How to Navigate Safely

This short video will show you the proper technique to navigate to and from the center of the lake.


LOC Rules and Regulations

For the most thorough and up to date information, read through our Rules and Regulations below. 

Updated: January 10, 2023

More About Water Safety

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Tips for a Safe Swim

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