Current Conditions

as of October 1, 2023 3:12pm
0.0 in | 68.8° F | 68.1° F | W 0.1 MPH gust to 0.6 MPH | 98.41' above sea level


May 2 Rain Event

We had some interesting weather at the office on Monday (May 2), but not everyone in the watershed experienced the event. At the LOC weather station on our office building roof we received a combination of hail and rain amounting to almost 2.5 inches of precipitation for the day. A bit to our south near Hallinan they received over three inches from the storm. However, it was another story two miles away at the Lake Grove swim park weather station, where less than 3/4 inches fell. This spotty weather was the case throughout the watershed as the storm moved through the area from the NW to SE, with heavy rain occurring in a relatively narrow band.

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