Mayoral Candidate Statements to Oswego Lake Shareholders & Easement Members

Mayoral Candidate Statements to Oswego Lake Shareholders & Easement Members
News - 10/7/2020
Mayoral Candidate Statements for Oswego Lake Shareholders & Easement Members:
Joe Buck (

All of us in LO come to live here because of our love for this place. It is our surroundings that unite us, and Oswego Lake not only provides us with our name but a shared element of beauty that further connects us to our natural environment. I appreciate the Lake Corporation and its shareholders and easement members for being such good stewards of the lake by investing in its health. I strongly support the current managed access promulgated by both the City and the Lake Corporation. Between approximately one thousand motorized boats and thousands of non-motorized craft, the lake is a limited resource. Recreational safety is a concern even with the current use.  The fragile ecosystem of the lake also requires careful adherence to rules to prevent harmful organisms from entering.  The current system of managed access enables a safe experience for all and helps to protect the water quality.  

Access to recreational opportunities is something I believe all Lake Oswego residents must have. Our city resources will be well-invested in a community recreation facility and pool and improving access to the Willamette at George Rogers Park among the many other parks improvements the community has planned.  These investments will have a real impact in the lives of many Oswegans and, coupled with the investments you all make in protecting the lake, help make LO the amazing community that it is.  Thank you all for the opportunity to share my perspective, and please contact me with any questions.  I’d be honored to have your vote in November.  
John LaMotte (
I am a strong supporter of the Lake Corporation because of the high quality infrastructure, maintenance and environmental work it does to keep the Lake healthy. I do not support making the Lake public due to the significant investment that the Corporation has made over the years as well as the high cost of maintenance and infrastructure replacement that would negatively affect the City. I am also concerned about water quality and safety issues related to outside use of the Lake. As Mayor I would establish a stronger working relationship between the City and Lake Corporation to continue our focus on a healthy ecosystem.

I am a City Planner with expertise in Land Use, Community Development and Conflict Resolution and have been active in civic leadership throughout my career. I am a City Councilor, Chair of the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission, on the Arts Council Board and was LO Planning Commission Chair. I hold a Master in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Wisconsin and a Bachelor in Geography from University of Utah.