Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 9/1/2020
This is a drawdown year at the LOC.  Current plans are to begin lowering the lake on October 15th.  It will take a little over two weeks to achieve a 10’ drawdown.  We will hold the water at that level as best we can until December 1st and allow it to refill over the winter.  Many of you may be planning waterfront construction and repair projects during this time.  If you are planning something and have not yet obtained permits, you need to act now.  The city will not review plans without prior approval of the Lake Corp.  Our process includes input from neighbors which may take a week or two.  The City of Lake Oswego Building Department is currently taking about 4 weeks to turn plans so you would need to act very quickly in order to have all required approvals prior to October 15th.

A few of you have reached out to request that we delay the drawdown due to the high number of people who are stuck at home during the pandemic. The problem with delaying the drawdown is that there are many contractors who have committed resources during a specific time frame.  It would be difficult for them to change their fall schedules at this late date.  There is also the fact that the City of Lake Oswego has been planning repairs on in-lake manholes during that same period.  For those reasons, the drawdown is still planned for the original date to avoid the disruption of so many plans.

Speaking of being stuck at home, we continue to see large numbers of paddlers and swimmers on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, we continue to see them outside of the swim zone as well.  Even if you are towing marker buoys you are taking a huge safety risk (not to mention breaking the rules) with this practice.  Please stay well inside the no-wake buoys to be safe.  We are happy that you have this outlet, but we also want to keep you safe.

At the same time, power boaters need to be aware that the space within 100’ of a swimmer or non-powered craft is a no-wake zone.  Even if they are in the swim zone and you are outside the swim zone, you must be 100’ away from them before resuming speeds above no-wake by state law.  Please be aware of swimmers and do not tow in or allow your towed rider to go into the swim zone.

You should have received notices about the alum application taking place over the next couple of days.  The alum barge is not easy the maneuver and needs to take a precise path so please steer clear of it when it is applying alum.  If you are interested in our current water quality efforts, make sure and read the new posting by Mark Rosenkranz today.  You can also find his archived posts on our website.  We are continually gathering information from our testing as well as researching new approaches and studies in the field to help inform the direction of our efforts.

It looks like we have more good weather in our immediate future. I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy the lake.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.