Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 5/28/2020
Thank you to those who participated in the recent Annual Meeting and Board Election. We appreciate the patience you displayed with the online meeting format. My preference is to meet face to face whenever possible. Hopefully, that will be the case at our next annual meeting.

The board is losing a legend of sorts with the departure of Todd Hennelly due to term limits. Todd's tenure on the board was unusually long because he first served two years as a replacement for a director who stepped down early before serving three three-year terms of his own. As I mentioned during the Annual Meeting presentation, the most fitting descriptor for Todd as a director is the term: Ready, Willing and Able. I always try to learn lessons from people I admire and respect. If I have learned a portion of the work ethic, open-mindedness and humility displayed by Todd, then I am a much better man for it. Let's all raise a glass and say "Thank You Todd" for his 11 years of service.

You have probably noticed that there are increased numbers of paddlers and distance swimmers using the lake these days. It is a good way to get exercise when stuck at home with gyms and pools closed. While we are happy that lake users have this opportunity, it does present some safety challenges:
  • Swimmers seem to gravitate to the buoy line right next to boat traffic
  • Many swimmers are wearing black swim caps and suits that cover their arms, making them extremely hard to see
  • Boaters out with guests for sightseeing cruises tend to cruise along the buoy line to avoid boats that are towing riders
  • Their full attention may not be on trying to see swimmers
  • Some boats continue to cruise at slow speeds inside the buoy line
  • Paddlers are either unfamiliar with the rules about crossing the lake (navigating outside of the no-wake zone) or do not think they apply to them
Fortunately, we have direct control over many of these issues. The lake will be a much safer place if we all do the following:
  • Make sure every member of your household is familiar with the safety rules regulating the activities in which they participate
  • Boaters should be aware that they must operate at no-wake speed within 100 feet of a swimmer or non-powered craft - this rule applies whether you are in or out of the no-wake zone - it is also state law
  • The boat operator should have their attention focused on the water ahead of the at all times while underway
  • Swimmers should wear brightly colored caps or floats so that they are more easily seen
  • Swimmers and paddlers should avoid operating right next to the buoy line so that safe distances are maintained
  • Paddlers are only allowed to directly cross the lake while either wearing a High-Vis vest or if they are accompanied by a power boat
  • Paddlers should avoid going out of the no-wake zone altogether if they possibly can
We have a great safety record on Oswego Lake and we'd like to keep it that way. Please do your part to help. A shareholder recently sent me a flyer from the Oregon State Marine Board about SUP use. You can find it here.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to discuss these or any other issues.