From the Board

From the Board
News - 12/17/2019
This past summer, the Lake Oswego Corporation Board of Directors was contacted by a shareholder living on Lakewood Bay who expressed concern regarding an increased level of safety incidents and wake-related property damage on Lakewood Bay.  The LOC Safety Committee reviewed these concerns and determined that the best course of action was to seek input from as many Lakewood Bay Shareholders as possible.

In September 2019, the LOC Safety Committee sent a Safety Survey to all Lakewood Bay shareholders seeking (1) their opinion on the safety conditions in Lakewood Bay; (2) whether they have experienced any safety-related incidents in Lakewood Bay; and (3) whether they would support any rule changes in Lakewood Bay intended to address safety issues.  A total of 89 surveys were sent and 49 responses were received.  (The Safety Survey and a summary of the Safety Survey responses can be found here.)

While there were specific concerns expressed by some respondents about large wakes, boaters driving inside the buoys, boaters speeding (especially at night), and non-motorized watercraft outside the buoys, the majority of those responding to the survey consider Lakewood Bay to be either safe or very safe.  The greatest number of Lakewood Bay shareholder comments urged the LOC not to make any rule changes, but instead, to do a better job enforcing the rules already on the books.

In light of the survey results, the LOC Safety Committee will not propose any immediate rule changes in Lakewood Bay.  We will, however, direct the LOC Lake Patrol to more closely monitor the use of Lakewood Bay by both motorized and non-motorized watercraft.  We hope that an increased presence by our Lake Patrol will address the safety concerns expressed by the Lakewood Bay shareholders and reduce the incidents of wake-related property damage.

The LOC Safety Committee