Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 8/21/2019

Zoning and Short Term Rentals
As you may be aware, there have been changes made both locally and statewide that affect zoning and the community development code in areas currently zoned as single family residential. On July 16 the City Council enacted Ordinance 2815 (LU 18-0034), amending the Community Development Code to allow short-term rental housing in residential zones that do not allow hotel uses.  These typically use the services of web apps such as Airbnb and VRBO.  The Code amendments require that the person who owns the lot containing a short-term rental maintain their primary residence on the lot, however that person is not required to be present on the lot when the dwelling is rented.  These changes have a sunset clause of two years which will require an affirmative action by City Council to continue beyond that time.

The State of Oregon has also enacted a new law regarding areas zoned single family residential.  In regard to Lake Oswego, HB 2001 states that cities over 25,000 shall permit development of all middle house types (quadplex, triplex, duplex, town homes, etc.) in areas of residential use that allow for single family detached homes.  I’m told this does not trump existing CCRs some neighborhoods may have in place.
You may be wondering why I am writing to you about zoning ordinances.  Well, if you are receiving this, you are either an easement member or a shareholder.  That means you have lake access rights.  How you use and/or develop your property can affect those rights.

Short Term Rentals
Short term renters do not have lake rights.  If you rent out all or part of your easement eligible home in the short term, those renters do not have access to the easement unless accompanied by you at all times, as your guests.  Renting a room, mother-in-law apartment, or your entire residence does not give them easement rights.  The same goes for lake front homes.  In the past couple of years, we have contacted homeowners who were advertising their home on Airbnb or VRBO with lake access as a benefit.  We had to let them know that this was not allowed.  Doing so can result in suspension of lake rights for residents in that home who are eligible to apply for them.

For eligible renters, we require a lease be provided before entering them as residents in our system.

Multi-Family Development
Developments such as these may result in the complete loss of lake access for that particular property.  It doesn’t matter what the zoning is.  Access rights were granted with a specific set of restrictions by Oregon Iron and Steel.  Single Family and Single Ownership are a part of those restrictions.

I hope this ends any confusion, but if you have questions, please feel free to give me a call.

Classic Car and Wooden Boat Show
The show is this weekend.  Wooden boats will be at the Briede Docks in Lakewood Bay on Saturday and Sunday.  As we did last year, we will mark off several parking spots for short term parking and not for use by show participants.  This has worked out well in the past.  I hope you get a chance to check out this year’s entries.

Hot August Night 2019
The concert was once again well attended.  A special thanks again to our sponsors, Steve Kaer from Kaer Property Group and Wells Fargo Bank.  We will send out a special thank you note to them in a separate email as well.  The Events Committee is already busy planning improvements for next year.

I would also like to thank staff for all of their hard work pulling our summer events off in such a professional manner.

Lost Iguana
Finally, this little guy has been spotted on the lake front as recently as Tuesday morning on Maple Circle.  Please see below for a note from his owner.

LOST IGUANA: Our iguana Bulbasaur escaped from our house and was recently seen on the edge of the canal along Maple Circle. If you see him, please contact Hisham at (971) 336-1894 or Jenifer at (248) 563-1309 with the location. The iguana is about 2.5 ft long (most of which is his tail) and is bright green but can camouflage a bit brown or orange. He likes to bask when it's sunny, and has been seen in people's yards, especially along the water. He climbs trees and swims. He is a vegetarian and will avoid other animals. He is not aggressive but please use caution if you see him. He can whip his tail and has sharp nails. Thank you!

As always, please contact me if there is anything I can do for you!