4th of July Parking Restriction Information

4th of July Parking Restriction Information
News - 7/1/2019

 As preparations are made for our annual Independence Day celebration, we would like to remind you of parking and travel limitations and street closures which will be in place on the 4th of July due to the fireworks display.  These restrictions are necessary to ensure access to all households by first responders should they be needed. 
Parking, Access and Road Restrictions
Parking will be restricted, as marked, for the entire day of July 4th on the following streets:

  • Alder Circle
  • Allen Road
  • Canal Circle
  • Graef Circle
  • Greenbrier Road
  • Lower Drive
  • Maple Circle
  • Upper Drive
NOTE:  there will be no parking on either side of the road on Blue Heron Road from South Shore to the end of the road.
The following roads, as well as all intersecting streets, will have restricted access from approximately 7:30 pm to about midnight on July 4th:
  • Cardinal Drive
  • Chapman Way
  • Lamont Way
  • Lords Lane
  • Kelok Road
  • West Bay Road

In addition, sections of the following roads, as well as all intersecting streets, will be restricted during the same time period:
  • Bryant Road (from Lakeview to Jean)
  • Lakeview Blvd (from Bryant to Iron Mountain)
  • South Shore (from Westview Drive to Lakeview Blvd)
PLEASE NOTE:  All of the streets listed above are “tow away” zones.
Travel on restricted streets will only be allowed if an occupant of a vehicle displays a driver’s license (or utility bill) with an address from any of the following streets:
Alder Circle
Allen Road
Black Forest Court
Blue Heron Road
Bryant Road (16842-17615)
Canal Circle
Cardinal Court
Cardinal Drive
Cardinal Place
Cedar Road
Chapman Way
Cobb Way
Eena Road
Fir Road
Graef Circle
Greenbrier Road
Haven Street
Kelok Road
Lake Haven Drive
Lakeview Blvd (2701-4490)
Lamont Court
Lamont Way
Lords Lane
Maple Circle
Potters Road
Redfern Avenue
South Shore Blvd (3001-4375)
Virginia Way
West Bay Road
Wildwood Street
Wren Court
Wren Street
Persons not living on restricted streets must have an official, printed invitation to a location within the restricted area.  Handwritten invitations/notes will not be accepted. Nor will phone calls or text messages. Please plan accordingly. 

Railroad Tracks
As a reminder, the Portland & Western Railroad does not grant any unauthorized persons the right to enter, remain on, cross or loiter upon any lands, equipment or trains owned, leased or operated by the railroad company.  Such action would interfere with the safe, efficient and normal operation of trains.  Portland & Western Railroad has specifically requested and authorized the Lake Oswego Police Department to act as their agent to remove and/or arrest persons trespassing on property belonging to the Portland & Western Railroad.  ORS 165.255(c) makes entering or remaining unlawfully upon railroad yards, tracks, bridges or rights of way a Class A Misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $7,500 and up to one year in jail. There is no viewing of fireworks from the railroad tracks.  Please stay off the railroad tracks.
It is our sincere hope that you enjoy the many festivities the city has to offer on this holiday.  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!