Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 6/29/2019
It looks like the weather is going to turn around just in time for the Independence Day weekend.  For those of you who are new to the area, you are going to love all the activities that are available to you for the 4th on land and on water.  LOC festivities begin with the Boat Parade on July 4th.  The Instigators are taking the year off, so the barge will leave the LOC Marina at 11:30 with my band, The Mood Swings.  We will play our way down the north side of the lake to the Lake Grove Swim Park where we will entertain the crowd until 1PM.  From there the parade will head down the south side of the lake and into Lakewood Bay before returning to the marina.  Please come out and join us.  The more the merrier!

Of course, the next activity will be the LOC fireworks show at 10PM on the west end of the lake.  We have a great show for you this year.  Please remember that non-powered craft must carry a light so that you can be seen by boaters as you return home after the show.  Travelling at night without a light is not only a violation of state law, it is also extremely dangerous.  Powerboaters please remember that there is an 8 MPH speed limit after dark.  This will be the highest number of boats on the water at once all summer.  We want to get everyone home safe and sound.

The Ski and Wakeboard Extravaganza starts at 10AM on Saturday the 6th.  This is a fun event for all ages featuring a Slalom Ski Event at 10 and a Wakeboard Freestyle Event at 1.  For sign up information please go to

To cap off the day’s festivities, the Portland Water Spectacular Ski Show starts at 5PM in Lakewood Bay.  This is a fun show that all ages will enjoy.  We are lucky to have them in the Portland area.  I hope you enjoy the show.

I hope you have a happy and safe 4th.  We will see you on the lake!