Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 6/4/2019

It was great seeing those of you who attended the Annual Meeting of Shareholders two weeks ago.  Please join me in welcoming our new board members, Amy Gaddis and Doug Woodcock. Their terms will officially begin next week at the June meeting of the board.

Positions on the board of directors are limited to three consecutive three-year terms.  As I have mentioned in the past, there are several benefits to term limits.  Along with fresh perspectives and new ideas, we also end up with many ex-board members who have a great understanding of the issues facing the LOC and are usually willing to help when asked.  This is a great asset.   Of course, the downside of this is that each year we lose our most experienced board members.  This year we are losing two directors who would easily be described as “workhorses” during their time on the board: Elaine Lord and Jay Hamachek.  Between them, they have taught me many lessons over the years.  Here are a few.
Although it was not her only focus, it should come as no surprise that, as a retired newswoman, Elaine’s main focus has been communications.  Of course, the lessons I learned from Elaine about communications were many.  Not only does Elaine have an innate ability to understand how communications will be received, she is ever aware of the existing perceptions of our audience.  The combination has allowed us an ability to communicate directly with shareholders and easement members with maximum clarity and effect. 

During his tenure, Jay chaired several committees as well as serving terms as board treasurer and president.  As I have mentioned before, only past presidents understand how much time the position requires.  I am in daily communication with them on a range of topics affecting stakeholders.  I’m not sure I could ever fully learn the main lesson Jay taught me.  That lesson being his seemingly endless energy.  It would not be unusual for us to leave a meeting which ran late into the evening with Jay promising some work product for the next day (such as a newsletter article).   The next morning when I turned on my phone, I would find an email from Jay with the promised article along with photos taken during his morning paddle around the lake with notes containing his thoughts on the state of things.  I would often ask myself “does this guy ever sleep?”.

In all seriousness, I would like to thank Jay and Elaine for the life lessons, their support and guidance, and most importantly, their friendship, which will continue.