Important Reminders

Important Reminders
News - 6/4/2019
As the season ramps up, here are a few reminders about boating safely and courteously.  Please take the time to read them as we have already been seeing these behaviors much too frequently this year.

No-Wake Zones
It is this simple, if you are making a wake, slow down.  The no wake speed is roughly 6 MPH.  It is a safety rule to protect swimmers and paddlers.  This includes travelling to the bays and canals on either end of the lake.  Also, cruising inside the buoy line is not allowed, no matter the purpose.  The 100-foot no-wake zone is for access to and egress from shore, or if you are just anchoring for a swim. 

Yielding to Paddle Craft and Swimmers
State law prohibits travelling above no-wake speed within 100 feet of a swimmer or paddle craft.  Our no-wake buoys do not supersede this law.  If there is a kayak 50 feet inside the buoy line, boats travelling above no-wake speed must stay 50 feet outside the buoy line.  Paddle craft and swimmers have right of way over power boats.  Please be cognizant of those with whom you are sharing the lake.

Swimmers and Rowers
Swimmers must stay inside the no-wake zone at all times.  If you are distance swimming, we urge you to wear a bright cap that can be seen by boaters.  Paddlers must stay in the no-wake zone unless they are directly crossing the lake.  In order to cross, they must be wearing a high visibility vest or be escorted by a power boat.

Oregon laws dictate that you are responsible for your wake so please be aware.  If you are travelling 12 to 15 miles per hour, you are making a tremendous wake.  If you are wake surfing, stay out away from the buoy line so that the wake has some time to dissipate.  If you are taking a slow cruise around the lake with guests, make it an even slower cruise so that you are not creating such a large wake right at the buoy line.

Nighttime Driving Lights
The only lights you should be using to navigate at night are your 360 light and your red and green lights.  The headlights on your boat are docking lights and that is the only purpose for which they should be used.  Bright lights blind other boaters.

Required Documentation
If we are missing documentation from you, we cannot issue your current tags.  We send out reminders so please be aware that marina staff are not allowed to make a launch appointment without your tags having been issued.  The most typical documentation we are missing is your insurance declarations page.  If you are able to set us up through your agent to receive an updated copy each year, that is the best way to do it.

I appreciate you taking the time to read these reminders.  Let’s have a good summer!