Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 3/18/2019

Even though it’s been a very cold second half of winter, the season has officially started for the operations team.  Last week we treated a filamentous algae bloom in Oswego Canal.  Mid-March is very early for a bloom, even during a warm winter.  The good news is that the treatment appears to have been successful despite the cool water temperature.  You should see the filaments diminishing over the next few days.

It seems as though we are experiencing a high number of water front development permit applications for a non-drawdown year.  That is understandable given the current property values and the fact that lake front properties change hands at the rate of 30 to 40 per year.  One of the most important steps in the LOC development approval process is contacting neighbors for feedback on your prospective design.  Many folks read this as “I need to have my neighbor sign of on my plan”, like having a building inspector sign off.  But the intent of this step is for neighbors to listen to each other’s concerns.  You may be neighbors for a long time.  There may be new neighbors down the road in both houses.  What we decide today will affect all of them until the waterfront structure is altered or replaced. 

If you are planning a boathouse or dock, put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes and listen to their feedback.  If your neighbor approaches you about their prospective plans, understand that they would like to have a place to store and protect their boat that is in keeping with the house in which they have invested.  The best way to work things out is neighbors understanding each other’s point of view.  If the Development Committee is put in the position of King Solomon, it may be that nobody likes the answer.

Finally, we have crew members out on the lake each day but there may be floating debris from winter storms that they are not seeing.  Tree branches and the like can be dangerous for skiers.  They can also be hard to spot.  If you see some floating debris, let us know. You can fill out a maintenance request on the website at If you can reach it, tie it off and we’ll come pick it up.  Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you.