President's Message

President's Message
News - 10/29/2018

There is no denying that fall is here as the leaves are falling, kids are settled into school and the Lake Oswego Corporation staff is busy buttoning up for winter.  I wanted to briefly discuss the upcoming elections and the nearing completion of the new Lake Corp offices.
Marina Rebuild
After a long haul the Lake Oswego Corporation offices are coming to completion.  Thank you to the staff for ensuring that “business” was as usual, barring the noticeable lack of ice cream. We are very pleased with the end product as it aligns with our vision of a sustainable, efficient and flexible space to better serve our shareholders and community.  We will be sending out an announcement once the last items are buttoned up to invite you in for a tour.  As a shareholder you should be very proud of the project.

Through the lens of the lake
Each election cycle the LOC board takes an active interest in candidates and measures as they pertain to Oswego Lake.  Using a non-partisan approach, we actively engage candidates by inviting them on a tour of the lake and its infrastructure.  We also ask them to respond to a questionnaire that centers around matters involving lake access, infrastructure, environmental concerns, and communication/ community relations.  If you have interest in reviewing the boards work and recommendations, please click HERE.

I would like to express my thanks to all the shareholders for their active involvement, concerns and voice regarding our beautiful lake.  Please take the opportunity to vote before polls close on November 6.  Also, please join me in thanking the LOC staff for their flexibility and patience during this remodel. 

Your neighbor,

Larry Thompson