Candidate Responses to LOC Questionnaire

Candidate Responses to LOC Questionnaire
News - 10/18/2018

As we have all seen with the litigation between public access advocates and the City of Lake Oswego, city policy has the potential to play a critical role in the access to and management of Oswego Lake. For this reason, the Board routinely educates and evaluates each candidate for these offices solely through the lens of their positions on lake access and other critical issues related to the lake. For each candidate, this entails an invitation for a personalized lake related infrastructure tour provided by our Lake Manager, a request that they respond to a written questionnaire, and an invitation to appear before the board for a personal interview.
While we found each candidate for City Council to be impressive and qualified in many ways, four candidates rose to the top based on the narrow scope of lake issues on which we evaluated them.  We recognize and respect that there are many reasons you may choose to vote for one candidate or another, so to the extent that you consider lake issues in your decision, we felt you deserved the results of our evaluation.  Following are the candidates (in alphabetical order) which we believe have the best understanding of and align most closely with the Lake Oswego Corporation on issues of most consequence to Oswego Lake.
1. Randy Arthur
2. Jackie Manz
3. Massene Mboup
4. John Wendland
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