Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 7/23/2018

As I mentioned in previous posts, we made a change to our algae control protocols this year by prescheduling a midsummer alum application.  In previous years, we have made the decision to apply as conditions warranted.  Although we try to have our decisions based on science with up to date data, this is difficult in the summer due to slow turn around of test results.  We had great water conditions for four years after the deep drawdown for the city’s sewer project.  A surface application was not needed during those years.  But the past couple of summers we have experienced late season blooms that were quite heavy.  We are hoping to avoid that with this application, but there is no guarantee.  There are many factors that can affect algae growth.  You will be receiving a notification soon.  Please read it carefully as there are navigation restrictions around the barge.

Hot August Night is right around the corner and it looks like the excitement is building.  Music will be provided again this year by the band Hit Machine. They did a great job and we are happy to have them back.  I would like to once again thank our sponsors Kaer Property Group (Steve and Mary Kaer) and Director’s Mortgage for helping us provide you with this very popular event again this year.  We could not do it without them.  If you plan on attending, please read the announcements we will send out ahead of the event.  There will be important information about docking times and procedures.  Please remember to turn your boat sound system off and leave it off the entire time you are docked, including after the show.  Lake Patrol will issue citations and/or ask violating boats to leave the venue.

Several times each year, I find myself answering questions about access to easements by shareholders.  Usually these questions arise when a parent wants to send their children over to the easement to play.  The confusion is understandable because it would be easy for homeowners to consider easements as akin to common spaces in condominium and homeowner’s associations.  Although it bears some similarities to a homeowner’s associations, the Lake Oswego Corporation is not one.  Much of our property is dedicated to use by a specific family or group.  In the case of shareholders, the lake front property behind their homes owned by the LOC becomes a part of their private yard.  In the case of easements, the property is dedicated to use by residents of houses with deeded rights.  In some cases, lake front homes have deeded rights to a particular easement and in some cases they do not.  In the case where they are eligible, they would need to join the easement before being allowed access.

Finally, we are looking to be moving into the marina building in August, with completion of the boathouse close behind.  I would personally like to thank everyone for their patience during this project.  When the time is appropriate, we will invite stakeholders to stop by for a tour.

Please contact me if there is anything I can do for you.