President's Message

President's Message
News - 3/23/2018

Over the last month the Lake Oswego Corporation’s (LOC) nomination committee has been meeting to interview board candidates to make recommendations to the Board for a slate of candidates to replace outgoing directors. The committee, made up of two Board Members (Stuart Smith, Todd Hennelly) and three shareholders (Kay Condon, Judy Westwood and John Nieland) proposed a slate of three nominees for review by the LOC Board of Directors at our March meeting.

The LOC Board of Directors is made up of 12 members who can serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive 3-year terms. Both the term limits and the fact that the nomination committee includes three shareholders at large helps ensure that LOC Board of Directors stays fresh and represents the views and thoughts of our shareholders and easement members.

We have two board members leaving the board due to term limits. These board members (Matt Reid and Phil Robinson) have chaired several important committees, invested untold hours and made great contributions at board meetings. Also stepping down from the board at this time is Rick Miller who has served in various positions including Treasurer
At the March Board of Director’s meeting, the Board voted unanimously to accept the committee’s recommendation for the following slate of candidates:

  • Katy Brown Troftgruben to fill the remaining two years of Rick Miller’s term.
  • Grant Hanson to fill a full three-year term
  • Scott Wittenberg to fill a full three-year term
Since Rick has already stepped down, Katy has been appointed to serve immediately but will still stand for election in May.  We will have bios for each candidate in our April blog.  Also in April, we will be sending out notification of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Included in that packet you’ll find your proxy along with instructions for accessing the annual report on the website. We encourage you to vote your proxy (either by mail or on line) prior to the meeting to help ensure that we have a quorum for the meeting and that your voice is heard. 

Please join me in thanking Matt Reid, Phil Robinson and Rick Miller for their time and energy serving the lake community. It’s volunteers such as Matt, Phil and Rick that keep LOC focused on our mission (Maintaining and improving Oswego Lake and protecting its value and quality) as well as our shareholders and easement member’s interests. The board also thanks Kay Condon, Judy Westwood & John Nieland for their time and energy serving on the nomination committee.