President's Message

President's Message
News - 2/22/2018

We had a great start to the project and then we hit a few bumps in the road. Our goal during the remodel was to remove minimal structure prior to building.  We wanted to get to the point where we had a solid base on which to build. The solid base is needed to insure the structures can withstand earthquakes, flood and stay operational to ensure flood control and other emergency services.

As we started the deconstruction of the old buildings we found a number of serious structural issues ranging from substandard framing, lack of sheer walls and a failing foundations resting on top of 18’ of sand and mud under the boathouse, and rotten sill plates and uneven stem walls on the marina building. We made the decision to take the complete structures down and build them right. Piling was driven and capped with new concrete grade beams for the boathouse and the stem wall was replaced on the marina building.

Today you’ll see the office building roughed in and weather tight and the project on hold. Because we were unable to save the old buildings foundations and walls, we now have to apply for a new permit and variance with the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission who will review the application at their March 5th meeting. The Variance is required because the land the buildings are located on is zoned commercial which requires that the public entrance to the marina building be within 30’ of McVey. Being a marina, 80% of our visitor traffic shows up by boat and the parking lot out front is used to launch boats and for operations.

Construction will be started as soon as the Lake Oswego Development Review Commission grants the variance and permits. Now what does this mean for your spring boating? We’ll be opening the boat ramp in late March, by appointment only, to launch your boat. With the ongoing construction it’s a tight and limited parking lot at the Lake Corp, so again launching is by appointment only.

The gas pumps are not going to be functional until later on in the spring so fill your boats up before launching. At the Lake Corp we only sell ethanol-free gasoline, and we recommend it for your boats. In Lake Oswego you can find ethanol-free gasoline at Bill's Old Fashion Service at the corner of State and B. Other gas station that carry ethanol-free gasoline can be found at:  

Our goal is to have a fully function marina by Memorial Day that is ready to provide the normal high level of service and your favorite ice cream treats. All of us at the Lake Oswego Corporation look forward to ensuring your upcoming boating and irrigation season will be one of those great summers.