Lake Manager Update

Lake Manager Update
News - 1/24/2018

Welcome to our new communications format.  Since we don’t usually have a newsletter in January, we thought this would be a good time to get started with using our new website and email as our main communications tools.  The pages are designed to scale appropriately to whatever device you are using to view them.  Our goal is to reach more of you by making the content easier to access.  Another benefit is that we are no longer constrained by a printed newsletter format.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any feedback.  We’d be glad to hear it.
The recovery from the drawdown has reached the halfway point as we were at 93.6’ as of this morning.  That puts us three feet ahead of where we were on this date in 2015.  With rain expected every day for the foreseeable future, we should continue to make good progress.  If you are finishing up a project, please make sure to get your construction debris out of the lake bed before it goes under water.  Please make sure you also remove any excavated soils as well. 
During this drawdown, we have encountered many instances where shareholders or their contractors excavated in the lake bed for footings, foundations, seawalls or just to deepen their boat slips.  Many have questioned the reasoning for requiring excavated soils to be removed rather than deposited in the lake bed.  This long existing rule is there for many reasons.  The first is water quality.  Sediments from the lake bed contain bound up phosphorous and other nutrients.  Left undisturbed, these nutrients can remain bound for some time.  Once disturbed, they can more easily be released into the water column as a food source for potential algae blooms.  The second reason is a little more obvious.  It is navigation.  Imagine if each homeowner on Oswego Canal removed three yards of sediment from their boathouse and dumped it in the canal.  That would add about 300 cubic yards of material to an already shallow area of the lake.  It is easy to think that your little bit of excavation is not world changing, but we must take the global view.  So, if we ask you to take corrective action on your waterfront project, please understand that our reasons for doing so are in the best interest of the lake and all shareholders.  The LOC License and Permit is revocable, so we want to keep you in compliance with its terms.
We are looking forward to your presence at the Shareholder Forum on January 30th at 7PM.  The event will be held at the Lakewood Center for the Arts at 368 S State Street in the downstairs meeting room.  (Please note this meeting is for shareholders and Easement Officers) Due to the overwhelming response rate to the recent shareholder and easement member survey we are still unpacking and studying the survey. In the early cut of the data, it is clear that we all hold lake aesthetics and water quality as a very important value/goal for the LOC. At the Forum there will be both a formal presentation and then an opportunity to directly discuss with our LOC staff and Board of Directors your questions and thoughts about lake aesthetics and water quality.  We will also provide a brief update on the marina project and other initiatives for 2018.  We hope to see you there.