President's Message

President's Message
News - 12/15/2017

On December 1st we started allowing Oswego Lake and Lakewood Bay to refill. Our preferred source of refill water is rainfall. While rain water is low in nutrients, it does pick up quite a bit, along with sediments from watershed erosion on its way to the lake. Those nutrients are going to make it to the lake whether we use Tualatin River water or not.  When we supplement with the Tualatin, we are adding tremendous amounts of phosphorous.  As with the last drawdown, the day we started to refill it stopped raining. It will take about 16” of rainfall to bring us up to full pool. So, when it starts to rain again, smile, the rain is filling your lake. The lake will be at full pool for the start of the boating season even if we have to top the lake off with river water. Please remember if you have any in water front projects still ongoing, the lake is refilling.  Clean up your debris and get your lake bed work done.

The LOC Board of Directors approved a budget which in includes a 1% increase in assessments this year. Jeff’s team has done a great job holding down expenses over that last several years which has held off the need for an increase until 2018. This increase will ensure that the LOC is able to both conduct normal operations and respond to small and big unplanned events. For the average shareholder the 1% increase is around $25.

I also want to thank each of you that responded to the recent LOC survey. We had an overwhelming response rate with over 600 shareholder returning their surveys to the survey company. The company is grinding the survey data over the next several weeks, but your high response rate helps bump the survey accuracy rate up to 95%.

I encourage each of you to attend the Annual Shareholders Forum being held at the Lakewood Center for The Arts on the evening of January 30, 2018 at 7PM. Besides the survey, the Annual Shareholders Forum is a great opportunity for you to talk to your Board of Directors and professional staff about your ideas and concerns.  There will be a short presentation updating you about our plans for 2018 and beyond. The open house prior to the presentation will cover key topics of interest. This is a great meeting to dive into issues such as water quality, the new LOC buildings, safety and other key topics. I hope to see and talk to each of at the Annual Shareholders Forum.