Manager's Message

Manager's Message
News - 12/15/2017

Our recently updated website was just the first step in revamping the way the LOC uses various platforms to more effectively communicate with our members.  One of our top priorities when redesigning the website was that it be scalable to whatever device you are using.  With that phase nearing completion, we are implementing phase two, which includes shifting away from paper newsletters for our monthly communications.

There will be several benefits from this change.  The first is scheduling.  The cycle of information we need to share very rarely fits neatly with our publication schedule.  Some topics require more frequent updates than others.  And, while we will still have a regular publication schedule, we will make sure it better fits our communications needs.
The second benefit will be in terms of format.  We will no longer be forcing our content to fit an exact physical format of a printed newsletter.  This should lead to more informative and less repetitive updates for our readers.

Finally, with less staff time spent producing a physical newsletter, we can focus on continuing to improve content and presentation on our website in an effort to provide you with the best experience (and clearest information) possible.

I would like to thank those of you who took the time to fill out our survey.  We had a great turn out with over 50% of you responding.  I know it seems as though every entity wants a survey each time you interact with them, and I promise you that won’t happen with us.  So far, we’ve only seen a broad overview of the results which are already providing valuable insight.  In the coming weeks, the board will receive more detailed results.  
Also, I would like to congratulate Jenna Fallon Schindler for winning the raffle associated with the survey!

We hope you are planning to attend the Shareholder Forum on January 30th where we will be laying out plans for the upcoming year. As a reminder this forum is open to all shareholders and easement officiers.  Our new open house format (followed by a short presentation) worked well last year and will be continued.  Feel free to contact us with topics you’d like to see addressed.

As the lake refills, we have noticed a few boat slip dig outs have occurred.  As a reminder, the spoils from your dig out must be removed from the lake bottom.  I know it doesn’t seem to be a lot of material, but imagine every homeowner on the canal, or West Bay digging out their slip and depositing the spoils in the lake bed.  That’s a lot of material.  At some point, the heavy rains are bound to come, so now is the time.

Something else we have noticed during the drawdown are several floating structures (water trampolines and floats).  These items not only require a permit, but there are regulations restricting the dates they may be in the water and their placement when allowed.   If you have one in the water now, you will be seeing a notice from our offices in the coming weeks.
I hope you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.  We will see you in the new year!