The Drawdown is Coming! Are you Ready?

News - 8/24/2017

What is a drawdown?
A drawdown is when the lake is lowered by way of our Flume Line and / or dam by 10’ or more to enable maintenance of in-water structures.

When is the drawdown?
The lake will begin lowering on Sunday October 15, 2017.

How long will it last?
The drawdown starts October 15 but it will take several days to reach the full drawdown depth of 10 feet below normal elevation. We will maintain the full drawdown depth until December 1st before beginning to refill. We use rain water to refill after a drawdown so it takes several weeks to reach lake-full status.

Where does all the water go?
Water flows out the lake to Oswego Creek and then to the Willamette at George Rogers Park. We use our hydro plant to let water out of the lake. If it is a very wet fall we will supplement hydro with other openings in the dam to ensure we maintain full drawdown depth.

How often are drawdowns down?
Currently, we are on a 3-year cycle.  Drawdowns are generally from October 15 – December 1.

Do I need to take my boat out during the draw down?
Yes, unless you have a lift to keep your boat on you will need to remove your boat during this time.  Don’t forget to have it winterized.

When do I have to have my boat out?
All boats must be removed by Saturday October 14, 2017.  Our marina is open in September and October, Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.  Please call 503 636-1422 to schedule your appointment.  DON’T FORGET TO GET YOUR BOAT CLIPPED BEFORE LEAVING THE PARKING LOT.

Will the marina be open during the drawdown?
Yes and no.  We will be in the process of remodeling our buildings and our staff will be temporarily located off site.  You can still contact us through email and phone.  However, you will be directed to an automated system that will then transfer calls to our cell phones.

Wait, Remodel! What is that all about?
The LOC is remodeling their offices during this drawdown to better serve shareholders and more effectively monitor lake health. More information about the remodel will be on the website and September Newsletter.
I want to make repairs to my structure.  What do I need to do?
If you are planning a project such as a dock or boathouse, you need to be making submittals now.  The process includes neighbor notification and comment.  This process can be relatively quick or it can take a while.  Your plans must complete our process including being approved and stamped before you apply for a building permit from the city. 

Do I need a permit?
Yes, for construction of boat houses you will need both an LOC permit as well as a City of Lake Oswego Building Permit.  Processing time takes up to 8 weeks or more for both permits.  You will want to begin the process as soon as possible to ensure you have time to complete the project while the lake is down

How much time do I have for the project?
In-water work can start as soon as the work area is exposed. It is recommended you plan on finishing in-water work by December 1st because a wet December will fill the lake rapidly.