President's Message

News - 8/24/2017

It’s been a great summer with LOC events such as the July 4th fireworks, water ski show and Hot August Night. The remaining event is the August 27th wooden boat and car show at the docks in Lakewood Bay and at George Rogers Park. It’s a great show and well worth your time.

Hot August Night was a great gathering for the lake community. With additional dock sections, we docked 260 boats, 50 SUP’s and who knows how many other paddle craft. Estimated attendance both on the docks and surrounding homes was right around the 3,000 mark. Every year we we learn a bit more, so we’ll be back in 2018 with a few changes to further improve the event for all. 

I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank our sponsors for Hot August Night.  I belive this is Steve Kaer’s 8th year of supporting this event.  I know it wouldn’t be where it is without him.  Also, our friends at Directors Mortgage who came on board this year.  Finally, to Pat and Pam Kearney for once again hosting our annual party on the lake.

The other big event that effects all of us is the 10’ drawdown that begins on Sunday October 15th. All boats must either be off the lake or secured on your lift well before the 15th. Also, if you have irrigation rights, please remember to shut your pump down. This is short drawdown with the lake starting to refill on December 1st

It’s a busy time for the Lake Corporation too. Beside the normal drawdown tasks of repairing our in water assets such as the alum injectors, aerators and water control structures, we’re remodeling. 

Enjoy the rest of summer!