Current Conditions

as of October 1, 2023 3:43pm
0.0 in | 68.5° F | 68.1° F | NNW 0.8 MPH gust to 1.1 MPH | 98.39' above sea level


Half Moon Bay / Lakewood Bay

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Water Quality News for August 21 2023

Conditions improved after our July alum application but warm and sunny weather will require an additional application in late August. Learn about our alum program and how it improves water quality.

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Letter for Reconsideration

In our last update we informed you of the court’s letter denying our motion to vacate the findings and conclusions from phase one of the

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From the Board Room – 2.1.23

January 2023 LOC Communication regarding 2023 Assessment and Special Assessment Following its annual review of Lake Oswego Corporation’s budget and expenses, the Board of Directors

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