What is a Shareholder? 

There are 693 properties bordering the lake and canals.  These properties are referred to as “shareholder” properties.  They are charged an annual assessment for maintaining and operating the lake.  In addition, they are issued one share of stock (voting stock) for each 10 feet or major fraction of 10 feet of lake frontage property.

When is my assessment due? 

Renewal notices are mailed the last week of January.  Assessments are due February 28th.  The invoice is billed on a calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st.

How is my assessment rate determined? 

Assessment rates are comprised of two components.  One part is based on the number of linear feet of lake frontage owned by each shareholder.  The second component is a flat fee of equal amount for each shareholder.  

I’m purchasing a waterfront home. Are there fees due at closing? 

Yes.  All shareholder homes have a $7,500 transfer fee due from the new buyer. In addition, any past due assessments and fees must be paid at closing.  Please have the escrow office contact Christina for payoff information.  

I want to build / rebuild my dock, boat house, seawall, etc. What do I need to do? 

All waterfront construction requires a permit from the Lake Oswego Corporation.  You may download the Development Procedures and Required Forms here. Please call the LOC office for more information.


  • All heights on any construction will be measured from the waterline of 98.6 feet.  Please call the LOC at 503 636-1422 for the current water elevation.

  • Official approval on accepted plans will not be made until the LOC has received 3 copies of builder’s plans, one of which will be retained on file by the LOC.

  • In addition, please provide an electronic copy (11 x 17) of your plans via email.

  • A completed and signed LOC Building Permit form must be submitted with plans.

  • Neighbors on either side of your property must be notified of your construction plans. Your neighbors’ signatures on the builder’s plans will meet this requirement.

  • Shareholders must obtain a City of Lake Oswego Building Permit prior to construction, if necessary.

Do you have barges available for rental? 

The LOC has a 10’ x 12’, maximum capacity 2500 pound barge that is available for rental.  Contact Gabe Winfrey at 503 636-1422 or for availability and to schedule.  Click here for the Rental Fees, Rental Forms, Waiver & Release forms (all forms must be complete prior to scheduling).  Larger barges are available for hire by contractors. 

General Members

Since Oswego Lake is a limited access lake, why am I required to carry a fishing license? 

Although Oswego Lake has limited access, activities remain subject to the administrative rules of the state.

Who can use the swim parks? 

The City of Lake Oswego Swim Park is open to all Lake Oswego residents.  For additional information you can contact the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation Department at 503-675-2549 or visit:

The Lake Grove Swim Park is open to those residents who live within the boundaries of the old Lake Grove School District.   It is operated by the Lake Oswego School District.  A link to the map can be found at the bottom of the Easement Page here.  You may also contact the LOSD at 503 635-0355 for additional information.

Please note: the swim parks are not operated by the LOC.  Any specific questions should be directed to the Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Department or the Lake Oswego School District.

Do I need an appointment to launch or pull my boat? 

YES.  Please call the LOC marina to schedule.  503 636-1422.

How can I pay my fees? 

You may make your payment online and by mail.  

How do I update my contact information, watercraft inventory and / or operators? 

Lake User records can be updated on your annual Registration for Lake User form or by logging into your account here.  If you have forgotten your User Name (Shareholders = Last Name / Easement Members = email address), call Christina at 503 636-1422 or email her at and you will receive an email with login information.  Additionally, you can phone or email any updates.

How do I get a User Name & Password? 

Shareholders are issued a User Name and password when shares are issued.  Easement members are issued a User Name and password upon registration with the LOC.  These are issued electronically.  To complete the process the LOC must have a current email address on file.

What is a drawdown and when are they done? 

A drawdown is when the lake is lowered by way of our Flume Line and / or dam by 10’ or more to enable maintenance of in-water structures. Currently, we are on a 3-year cycle. Drawdowns are generally from October 1 – December 31.

Can I attend the LOC Board of Directors meetings? 

A Shareholder Forum session is held prior to each regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting on the second Tuesday of the month.  The session is limited to 30 minutes.  The purpose is to receive input either in the form of questions addressed to the Board or in the form of presentations.  Presenters are asked to specify the time needed for their presentations.

Attendance is allowed by request only so the Board can be sure there are adequate facilities and time for attendees.  Requests should be directed to the Lake Manager, Jeff Ward at the LOC office.  Requests need to be made at least 3 days before the meeting.  A confirmation of attendance will be provided at least 48 hours before the meeting.  Space is available for three (3) attendees.  In cases where there are more requests than space and/or time can accommodate, preference will be given to new requests by people who have not previously had an opportunity to address the Board.   Minutes are not taken during Open Forum sessions.  

Easement Members

What is an Easement Member? 

Easements provide access to property owners in the City of Lake Oswego who have special deeded lake access privileges.  Eligibility for lake access privileges to use Oswego Lake are determined by references to historical documents, including the express granting of lake access privileges by Oregon Iron and Steel Company in recorded, real property instruments.  Lake access privileges cannot be sold, purchased or transferred.
LOC owns 20 lakeside properties at various locations around the lake to allow eligible easement members to exercise lake access privileges.  There are over 3,000 homes in Lake Oswego whose residents are eligible to exercise lake access privileges.  Each easement is governed by its own individual set of by-laws and has its own volunteer board of directors.  Facilities and rate structures vary from easement to easement.  

My easement has a waiting list for getting a boat slip. Do I have any other options for getting my boat on the lake? 

Yes.  If you are a current, paid, easement member you can moor a boat at LO Landing, located in the two story office building next to the LOC marina.  They may also have a waiting list, but typically their slips turn over more rapidly than those at the easements.  You can reach them at 503 545-8870 or  

You also have the option to “day use.”  Limitations are: 

You must pull your boat from the lake prior to the LOC Marina’s closing time (7 pm nightly during the summer).
The LOC does not have parking for your truck or trailer on the premises.
Boats entering the lake must either have an intact and unaltered wire clip or be decontaminated prior to launch.

I am eligible to join an easement. Now what?  

Contact information for easement officers is located on each easements webpage.  Contact the easement(s) you are eligible to join and decide which easement you want to join.  Fill out their application and pay their dues.  In addition, you need to register with the LOC.  You will need to fill out the Registration for Lake User and email to  You will then receive an email to pay your fees online.  

Can I join any easement? 

No. You can only join the easement(s) that were designated to your property in the original granting deed.

How do I find out if my property has deeded access to an easement? 

You can refer to our Easement Map on the Easement Page of the website for a general idea.  However, to confirm access you must call the LOC office at 503 636-1422.  We have a database of properties with deeded rights.  You will need to have the property address to determine access eligibility.


What types of fuel do you offer? 

The marina dispenses Non-Ethenol Regular (87) and Premium (92) fuel.  As a general rule, most boats run on Regular.

What services does the marina offer? 

The marina is the heart of the lake operations.  There is a small convenience store that offers snacks, a limited variety of boat safety gear and the only place to fuel your boat on the lake.  The marina is also where you license your watercraft, take your written boating exam and launch your boat.

Licensing & Registration

When I pull my boat from the lake, why do you require a wire tie between the boat and the trailer? 

The wire tie is our way of monitoring boats and trailers coming in and out of the lake to determine whether they need to be steam cleaned.  If the wire tie is intact and unaltered, it indicates that the boat has not left the trailer and so has not been launched in another body of water and does not require steam cleaning to launch.

Why do I need to have my boat and trailer steam cleaned prior to launch? 

There are a number of invasive plants in other bodies of water, such as the Willamette and Columbia Rivers, that are not currently in the lake.  Milfoil is an example of one that grows rapidly and costs a great deal of money to keep from spreading.  Requiring boats and trailers to be steam cleaned prior to launch is our best defense in keeping new invasive plant problems out of our lake.

Where do I get my boat cleaned and get the required LOC tag 

There are three LOC approved vendors that can clean your boat and attached the required LOC tag.  

West One Marine                                                 221 Foothills Road, Lake Oswego                503 702-0450
River City Boat Sales & Marine Services            26177 Boones Ferry Landing, Aurora            503 797-2222
NW Boat Sports                                                  18649 S Hwy 99 E, Oregon City                    503 305-5168

When can I launch my boat? 

You may schedule an appointment to launch your boat when the following items are complete:
  • All assessments, late fees & attorney fees, if any, must be current.
  • A current boat insurance declaration page must be on file.
  • A copy of your boat title or temporary title must be on file.
  • A completed Wake Enhancement Device Certification & Agreement must be on file.
  • All required State and / or LOC licensing must be current and properly displayed.
  • Must have a licensed operator listed on record.

How do I get an operator’s license? 

Operator Licenses (Powerboats only – not required for non-power vessels)

Powerboat operators must be licensed to operate a powerboat on Oswego Lake.  Operator’s licenses are valid for a lifetime as is the Oregon State Marine Board Boater Education Card.  However, if you have been off the lake for more than two years you will need to retake the written exam.

To receive an operator license you must have an Oregon State Marine Board Boater Education Card, take and pass the LOC written exam and complete the LOC driving exam within 60 days.

(REMINDER - Everyone, regardless of age, must carry an Oregon State Marine Board (OSMB) Boater Education Card. For full details and information on how to study for this exam, visit the OSMB’s website at  Boater education material can also be picked up in the marina)

You can take the Oregon State Marine Board Boater Education course offered by the Boat U.S. Foundation.  

The Boat US Foundation’s Online Boating Safety Course is the only free course approved by the Oregon State Marine Board.   If you pass the test, print out your certificate of completion (make a copy) and Boater Education Card application (in PDF). Fill out the application form and include it with your certificate of completion and a check/money order for $10 to the Marine Board. This is a one-time fee and the card is good for life.

You must bring a copy of your certificate of completion or your Boater Education Card with you to the LOC marina when you take your LOC written exam.  The exam covers the Lake Oswego Corporation Rules & Regulations of Oswego Lake.  You do not need an appointment to take the written exam during regular marina hours.

Upon completion of the LOC written exam you have 60 days to take the driving portion of the exam to receive your Standard Operator’s License.  Driving exams are by appointment only.

Are Wake Enhancement Devices allowed? 

Wake Enhancing Devices are not allowed on the lake.  Some manufacturers offer devices to make boat wakes larger.  A larger boat wake can make the lake very choppy and potentially unsafe or unusable for some users (canoes, water skiers, etc).  Additionally, property damage can occur to shoreline structures resulting in degraded water quality.  To help in managing wakes, boats with wake enhancement devices will not be allowed to operate on the lake. 

The LOC requires disabling procedures to be performed on boats with wake enhancement devices before they can be operated on the lake. Click here for form.

  1. Remove fuses that control system. 
  2. Plug intake hoses with flat plugs under hull. 
  3. Remove impellers that fill the systems. 
  4. Remove hoses to ballast tanks and plug the inlets. 
  5. Disconnect any wires to fill systems (at the switches and at the pump). 
  6. Remove dashboard switches and replace with blanks. 

  1. Remove wedge or plate. 
  2. Remove handle for adjusting plate. 
  3. Remove any electrical controls as described above. 
  4. Put a pin lock through the mounting bracket plate and give the key to the boat owner. 

Owners of boats retrofitted with water bladders such as "Fat Sacks" must have the water bladders removed.  Passive wake enhancement is also not allowed. The most common passive devices are sand bags or free weights.  Lead plating is another form of passive device. 

You can use any boat mechanic to make the changes as long as the technician signs the LOC Wake Enhancement Device Certification and Agreement confirming the changes were made following our guidelines.  All work performed on the boat must be listed on the Agreement.  You cannot certify your own boat.  If you are caught using water bladders, passive wake enhancing devices, or any other wake enhancing devices, your boat will be subject to removal from the Lake for twelve months with no exceptions. 


Manufacturers are designing boats smaller than 22.0 feet to produce massive wakes.  No boat designed to produce these large wakes will be licensed on the lake.  The hull design characteristics and description published by the boat manufacturer to market the boat will determine whether a boat qualifies for use on the lake. Please check with LOC staff before purchasing your boat to ensure it is eligible to be licensed for use on the lake. 

Non-Power Watercraft Registration

Call or email Christina or the LOC marina with the watercraft information. (IE: Kayak – blue, SUP – white).  The vessel will be added to your record and new lake plates and current year stickers will be mailed to you.

How do I register a watercraft? 

Powerboat Registration 

All boats on Oswego Lake must have the following documentation before licenses will be issued:
  • Copy of Oregon State Boat Title (or temporary title).  The boat must be solely owned by a Shareholder (or renter of the Shareholder’s residential property) with deeded Lake or Easement rights.  Christina is an authorized agent of the Oregon State Board Marine and can process your title transfer by appointment.
  • Copy of current boat insurance declaration page.  Minimum LOC liability coverage requirement is $500k.  Please list LOC, PO Box 203, Lake Oswego OR 97034 as interested party so that we receive the current declaration page upon renewal.
  • Properly displayed State of Oregon and LOC boat numbers.  The Oregon State Marine Board provides rules on registration number and sticker placement.  Click here for more information. 
  • Provide a completed Wake Enhancement Device Certification & Agreement form confirming your boat’s wake enhancement device has been disabled.  
  • All boats and trailers entering Oswego Lake must be taken to an official LOC approved vendor to be decontaminated to guard against non-native plant and animal species which could be harmful to the lake.  Click here for LOC Invasive Species Management Plan.  Click here for Stop Oregon Invaders.  You will receive a wire clip to indicate that your boat has been decontaminated.
  • River City Boat Sales & Marine Services    
    26177 Boones Ferry Landing,  Aurora    
    503 887-7339
  • West One Marine  
    221 Foothills Road,  Lake Oswego    
    503 702-0450

  • Boats leaving Oswego Lake will receive a wire clip so they can re-enter the lake without being decontaminated again providing the clip is intact and unaltered.  It is your responsibility to be sure you have been clipped prior to leaving the marina lot.

I’m looking to purchase a new boat. Are there specific limitations / requirements? 

YES!  Pontoon boats shall not exceed 22 feet 6 inches in length overall.  All other boats shall not exceed 22 feet 0 inches in hull length overall, including pickle-fork bows and excluding removable swim platforms.  Click here for Boat Buying Tips.

No boat shall exceed 3500 lbs dry gross weight as described by the manufacturer’s website or Owner’s Manual specs.

I lost my tags. Can I get a new set? 

If you have lost your tags, please first thoroughly check your home, office, boat, car etc. as we purchase a limited number of tags each year.  If you are still unable to locate your tags, call the marina and request a new set.  A fee of $20 is assessed for lost tags.

I haven’t received my tags. Why? 

There may be several reasons. Please contact the LOC marina to find out the specifics.  The most common are:
  • LOC Fees are not paid.
  • Easement fees have not been paid.
  • A current boat insurance declaration page is needed.
  • A copy of your boat title is missing.
  • No valid operator is listed on record.

How do I get current licenses for my watercraft? 

All watercraft, both power and non-power, must be licensed to operate on Oswego Lake.  Watercraft licenses expire each year on December 31st and must be renewed prior to operation the following year.

Renewal notices are mailed the last week of January.  Assessments are due February 28th.  Upon receipt of full payment and the required current insurance declaration page, the LOC will issue watercraft licenses for year.  

One powerboat and any number of non-power watercraft licenses are included with a paid assessment.  Additional powerboats carry a fee of $250 for 9.9 hp or less, $500 for 10 hp or more.  

Easement members pay $1,338 for powerboat membership or $195 for non-power / swim only.  In addition to the above requirements, easement members must pay all fees due to their association prior to issuance of current year licenses.

LOC License stickers are color coded to correspond with the State of Oregon Marine Board boat licenses.  

Pop-Up Music

What is Pop-Up Friday? 

Pop-Up Fridays are live, weekly concerts on Oswego Lake featuring local bands. The new event was created this year as a way to safely hold entertainment on the lake during the COVID-19 global pandemic. The 90-minute event runs from 6-7:30pm with no breaks. The location changes each week and is revealed by email 30 minutes before the concert.

Why is the Location Each Week Released so Close to the Start of Music? 

The goal of Pop-Up Friday is to provide entertainment that is in line with state guidelines on gatherings and social distancing. If the location were released sooner, some homeowners in the area may understandably be tempted to hold social events that are not in line with those guidelines. This is also why the concerts are featured on a barge, instead of on land on a shareholder’s property. As an added bonus, the surprise nature of the location each adds to the fun, right?!

How do I Recommend a Band for a Future Concert? 

At this time, all dates for 2020 have been booked with local artists as the Event Committee worked to provide a variety of musical genres.  Given the success of Pop-Up Fridays so far this year, we would like to explore offering some form of the event in future years. If you have a recommendation for next year, please email it to You can also email any feedback - especially praise! - to that same email address, which will go directly to the Events Committee fo the Board of Directors. 

What are the Rules for the Event? 

The guidelines were developed - and are updated - to coincide with current state guidelines, as well as to provide general safety with so many boats gathering in the same general area. The current event guidelines are:

·  No more than 10 people per boat
·  No tying up to other boats
·  No getting off of boats
·  All boats, kayaks and paddle boards must maintain at least 6 feet social distancing

Please note that, as of July 15, Oregon also requires face coverings outdoors in situations where people are (1) unable to maintain six feet of distance and (2) are with people they do not live with.

Why is Each Band’s Venmo Information Provided in Emails Each Week? 

At the first pop-up event, several boats graciously drove to the barge afterward to tip the band. For convenience, we started asking bands for their Venmo information to provide an easier way for people who want to tip to do so. Tipping is not expected, but is very much appreciated!

Who is Paying for Pop-Up Friday Music? 

For 2020, the budgeted event funds for July 4 fireworks and Hot August Nights are covering costs. If we continue in future years, we will need to find alternative budgeting and/or resources. If your business is interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email Events Committee