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as of April 20, 2024 4:38pm
0.0 in | 54.2° F | 57.6° F | S 0.5 MPH gust to 0.6 MPH | 98.72' above sea level

Lake Status: June 9, 2023

Chart of lake temperature for 2023

Water Quality Data for the week of June 5

Our lake temperature is higher than last year at this time due to the very warm and dry May weather. This has consequences for lake health since warmer water favors cyanobacteria. 

The lake is still pretty clear, with Secchi visibility to almost 15 feet. This is less than the 20 feet seen earlier when we were in the “clear water phase” typical of spring when zooplankton are actively grazing on phytoplankton. Our best Secchi reading was 30 feet several years ago.