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Water Quality – April

This is my favorite time of year. The days are getting longer, trees are starting to bud, we actually have occasional sunny and warm days, and the lake is going through the “clear water phase” where lake clarity is its best all year. During this time of year, the lake has warmed from its winter […]

End of Season Summary

As we enter the holiday season we can be grateful to have made it through summer with our health and the ability to keep the lake functioning as normal. It was nice for residents stuck at home to be able to recreate and enjoy the lake. Hopefully summer 2021 will be closer to normal with […]

Drawdown 2020

We are half way into our drawdown this year, with the lake down five feet already. For those new on the lake this is a new experience, and as the water recedes you are going to see things you may not have noticed before, or for a long time. This can include patio furniture, sunglasses, […]

Water Quality – August

It has been a busy summer and I apologize for not providing an update for the past two months. My last update on June 18 was about phosphorus and our efforts to control this nutrient, and today I want to discuss how we are doing so far. You may have noticed something different about the […]