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as of October 1, 2023 2:46pm
0.0 in | 67.9° F | 67.9° F | SSE 0.9 MPH gust to 1.0 MPH | 98.43' above sea level


Water Quality News for August 21 2023

Conditions improved after our July alum application but warm and sunny weather will require an additional application in late August. Learn about our alum program and how it improves water quality.

Water Quality News June 12, 2023

Our new website is up and the water quality information you see will be a bit different than before. There will be weekly sampling summaries posted on the Lake Data page that provides graphical trends of water quality data. Certain data we collect are available the same day, but nutrients, phytoplankton, and zooplankton data need […]

Summer Cyanobacteria

This has been a frustrating and disappointing year for water quality. My last posting on August 12 was somewhat positive about the potential for a good summer, hoping the alum treatment later in the month would stave off a serious cyanobacteria bloom. However, that is not how things turned out, with cyanobacteria still active in […]

Summer Alum Treatment

Summer came on in a hurry this year and the lake is getting a bit green as a result. We usually end up with a green lake this time of year but we were optimistic the wet spring would lead to good conditions all summer. However, when you have a week of 90-100 degree weather […]

May 2 Rain Event

We had some interesting weather at the office on Monday (May 2), but not everyone in the watershed experienced the event. At the LOC weather station on our office building roof we received a combination of hail and rain amounting to almost 2.5 inches of precipitation for the day. A bit to our south near […]

Water Quality Plans for 2022

We have had a dry and relatively warm February so far, with a high temperature of 67 degrees at the marina on the 13th. This will not last if the predictions for March and April are correct. Since we are still in a La Niña weather pattern, March and April are predicted to be cooler and stormier […]

Water Quality Update

Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather lately. Despite the cold nights it is a nice break from the cloudy and rainy December and early January. So far this water year (Oct. 1-Sept. 31) the lake has received 25 inches of rain, which is only about 10 inches below the annual average and eight months […]

Water Quality Update

Heading into September the lake is starting the transition to fall conditions. The water is cooling from its high of 81 degrees on June 29, to a temperature of 74 degrees as of August 23. With the hours of sunlight decreasing, and nighttime temperatures in the 50’s the lake will continue cooling. We are treating […]

Water Quality – April

This is my favorite time of year. The days are getting longer, trees are starting to bud, we actually have occasional sunny and warm days, and the lake is going through the “clear water phase” where lake clarity is its best all year. During this time of year, the lake has warmed from its winter […]

End of Season Summary

As we enter the holiday season we can be grateful to have made it through summer with our health and the ability to keep the lake functioning as normal. It was nice for residents stuck at home to be able to recreate and enjoy the lake. Hopefully summer 2021 will be closer to normal with […]