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as of May 24, 2024 9:51pm
0.0 in | 58.9° F | 63.7° F | SSW 2.1 MPH gust to 2.2 MPH | 98.98' above sea level

Ski & Wakeboard Extravaganza

Event Date & Time:

Jul 06, 2024 10:00AM

Forms and Publications

Licensing and Registration

New to the lake? Find our Registration Form, Rules & Regulations and Licensing instructions here.

New to Oswego Lake? Fill out online, download, and return via email to

Instructions for licensing a powerboat, boat wash vendors and obtaining an operator’s license.

All powerboats licensed on Oswego Lake must have a completed Wake Enhancement Certificate (WEC) on file.

Correct placement for lake plates and current year stickers

Easement Related

Miscellaneous Easement Information

Update easement officers and fees.

Quick reference guide to new easement members.

Miscellaneous Forms

Debris/Maintenance Requests, Lost/Found Report, Barge Rental, Lake Map and other forms

Having work done on your backyard? Need to bring material by water? LOC has barges available for rent for such projects.

Report debris or objects in lake or request a debris pickup.

Did you lose one of your watercraft? Have you found a watercraft item floating near you?

Basic overview of the lake.

Need to know if your boat / tower will fit under a bridge on Oswego Lake? Check here for heights.

Planning to participate in the Annual Ski & Wakeboard Extravaganza? All participants must complete to ride.


Waterfront development information

Procedures, permit and required documents for lakeside development (docks, boat houses, sea wall, etc.)

Governing Documents

2023 Board of Director Candidate Bios

You must log into the member portal to access these documents:

2023 Annual Meeting Information

2022 Reviewed Financial Statements

2021 Reviewed Financial Statements prepared by Moss Adams

Moss Adams Reviewed Financial Statement for YE 12/31/20

Reviewed Financial Statements prepared by Moss Adams for YE 2018

Reviewed Financial Statements prepared by Moss Adams

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