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Hot August Night brought to you by Northwest Boat Sports – featuring Precious Byrd

Event Date & Time:

August 5, 2023 @ 6:00pm

Precious Byrd is one of the most sought after bands in the Pacific Northwest. Voted #1 Party Band in Oregon multiple years running they have played for brands like Nike, Deschutes Brewery, Pendleton Whiskey, and more! Their fresh renditions of modern and classic hits, along with a number of high energy originals are sure to fill the dance floor and get people on their feet!

Precious Byrd plays across the nation and features Grammy award winning bassist Lonnie Chapin and drummer extraordinaire Michael Summers, boasting one of the tightest rhythm sections around. Matched with the soulful high energy of frontman Corey Parnell and his brother Casey Parnell on electric, the crowd gets nothing but their all!

The band also features renowned saxophone player Andy Warr, know for his work on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Precious Byrd released their much anticipated original album “Superphonic Magical” in 2016.

They draw thousands to local street festivals and events in their local area and continue to spread love and music wherever they go! Resorts continue to brag about record sales at events these boys play at.

Event Details:

The Northeast arm will be a no wake zone from Friday until all hardware is removed on Monday. We want you to have a good time but our primary concern is for your safety. To that end, we ask that you remember our Safety Rules for this event:

  • Boat Captains are responsible for the behavior and safety of every person who arrives on your boat
  • Boaters who enter the event in a disorderly fashion or otherwise disregard Lake Patrol instructions will be asked to leave
  • Concert area is a No Wake Zone from now until temporary docks are removed
  • No Smoking allowed on or near docks
  • No loitering on docks

Event Details:

  • Tie ups begin at 5:00 pm – No Sooner
  • Show begins at 6:00
  • All boats should have an anchor with a minimum of 25 feet of line
  • First come – first served parking
  • Do not race to find parking
  • Reserved spaces on front row
  • Do not anchor in areas marked with orange cones