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Harnish Properties Pop-Up Concert Series – Swimfish

John Nilsen

Event Date & Time:

Aug 30, 2024 06:00PM

It’s sometimes surprising when a band writes some of its own material. SWIMFISH is a colorful band featuring high quality, original folk/rock music. The line up is bass, drums, guitar, piano, mandolin, harmonica & vocals, but their focus lies in first class songwriting. Of course they play some cover tunes, but they are full time musicians/recording artists who also compose great music and Yamaha Piano Artist/band leader John Nilsen’s one million plus record sales warrant it.

SWIMFISH has a unique sound. Singer/songwriter originality based on cultural experience makes them special. The debut CD by SWIMFISH, John Nilsen &
SWIMFISH, was played throughout the USA on radio to positive reviews. Late founding member of the major rock band, AMERICA, Dan Peek, wrote, “ Major kudos on your CD. The music is superb, the lyrics inspired and the production/arranging are top notch. The songwriting hangs together well and the tracks flow, carving out a groove like a river carves a canyon. You deserve to be heard.” The Oregonian says, “John Nilsen’s career is the envy of many musicians.” John Nilsen & SWIMFISH released, Two Stories, their 4th CD in Dec. 2022.