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The LOC is dedicated to ensuring the unique quality of life afforded by our beautiful lakefront environment. Access to an easement on Oswego Lake is a privilege, not a right. The Lake is governed by rules and regulations designed to maintain the safety of all of the Lake’s users and residents, and the protection of surrounding personal property.

How Easements Work

Oswego Lake is managed by the Lake Oswego Corporation (LOC). LOC owns 20 lakeside properties at various locations around the lake to allow eligible easement members to exercise lake access privileges.

There are over 3,000 homes in Lake Oswego whose residents are eligible to exercise lake access privileges. These easement members gain access to Oswego Lake via their easement lot. Only easement members and their families and guests may use easement lots.

Each easement lot is governed by its own individual set of by-laws and has its own Easement Association that manages and maintains the lot. Each of these associations is approved by the LOC Board of Directors, and is run by volunteer members. Please note that facilities and rate structures vary from easement to easement.

How is Easement Eligibility Determined?

Easements provide access to property owners in the City of Lake Oswego who have special deeded lake access privileges. Eligibility for lake access privileges to use Oswego Lake are determined by references to historical documents, including the express granting of lake access privileges by Oregon Iron and Steel Company in recorded, real property instruments. Lake access privileges cannot be sold, purchased or transferred.

Check Easement Eligibility

Enter only the street number of the property in question. Read the Terms and Conditions

Joining an Easement

You must reside in the residence with granted access to be a member of an easement. You can check your eligibility in the address lookup above.

Additional information about each easement can be found at their easement page listed below. You may contact an easement officer directly to set up a tour and ask additional questions in relation to slip availability and fees.

Easement members must complete applications and pay fees to both the easement and the Lake Oswego Corporation to gain access to the lake through the easement.

Easement applications can be obtained from the easement officer or from the link on their easement page (if available). All easement members must also register with the LOC.

The Registration for Lake User form can be found here. Return the completed form via email to You will then receive a link to pay your LOC fees online.

2024 LOC Easement Member Fees

  • Swim Only / Non-Power $213
  • Power Boat $1,462
  • Shared Power Boat (each member) $1,233