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Lake Oswego


Providing a safe and clean environment for residents of Lake Oswego while preserving the natural resources of the lake since 1942.

Thank you for entrusting us to manage the waterways and surrounding land of Oswego Lake. Our efforts promote habitat protection and water quality, while prioritizing the safety of watercraft and swimmers.

Safety is our Highest Priority

Ensuring the safety of all lake users is a serious responsibility. We have developed a comprehensive safety program designed to allow all recreational activities to flourish in the safest way possible.

Prepare Before Getting on the Water

Take advantage of the information here on our website and be prepared before getting on the water!

Safety Tip

Placed at entrance / exit of bays and canals to steer boats safely towards the channel center.

Latest News

Read the latest on the Kramer case, news about Lake Oswego Corporation, board updates, and more.

Water Quality

Stay informed about the lake's health with the latest and historical water quality data.


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